Urban Living Impacts General Pet Health

Unlike rural areas, your dog, cat, or other animals cannot roam and exercise nearly as readily while living in an urban area. Many pets are lucky to get even a small amount of daily exercise while mostly relegated to indoor living. Our highly experienced veterinarians at Westside Veterinary Center on the Upper West Side of Manhattan are fully aware of the many benefits and detriments that big city life presents to your pet’s health and they are here to help.

Veterinary Care Helps to Keep Pets Happy

It is very important to ensure your pet lives a balanced life that enables him to exercise, maintain his health, and enjoy a relatively healthy diet. Many commonly sold pet foods are not ideal for urbanized pets who often spend more time indoors and move around less than their counterparts out in the country. We can help you determine the best diet, need for exercise via outdoor walks, how you can make your indoor environment more pet-friendly, and generally provide a better level of health and living for you and your family pet.

General Medicine and Emergency Services

A medical emergency might occur at any time. That is why we provide general medicine and animal hospital services around the clock. If your family pet suddenly takes ill, suffers a serious injury, or has taken a general turn for the worse, we are always available to help with general medicine, emergencies, and other services at our animal hospital.

Learn More About How We Can Help Your Pet

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